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Mar, 2022



London, UK


Sneaker Sisterhood is one of the largest female based sneaker collectives in Europe. At the heart, it’s a platform for women from all walks of life to share a passion led by 4 females, Giulia, Jae, Juelz and Chelsea. The brand exists across multiple social media platforms with the view to expand into more in the near future.


The aim of this project is to freshen up the exisiting Sneaker Sisterhood logo and social media identity in order to push the brand to the next level. To align the brand values and goals to the visual identity and ensure there’s cohesive messaging. We want to keep the orange tones as this is already well established but incorperate a secondary palette to add depth to the brand identity.


The new logo needs to be adapatable and work within both the digital and print spaces, it will need to be able to be used across merchandise and communication materials in both large and small scale and have the versatility to be recognisable regardless of situation. As part of the deliverables a full name logo, an icon, full social media suite and social templates will need to be created. The logos need to be recognisable, strong, contemporary and bold with longevity for an ever changing world.


The existing Sneaker Sisterhood Orange is as above. This is one of the brightest oranges available and translates well across both digital and print spaces with no loss of vibrancy. It has been paired with a slightly lighter jet black and pure white to create the new primary colour palette. 

An additional palette has been created for extra graphics and use across social media. The main logo and brand identity is with the primary palette but the secondary palette perfectly compliments this and allows for broader scope across their platforms. The names of all colours have been based on female names to cement the sisterhood idea.


Current Logo

Dated icon


Multiple fonts

Too literal


Laces and Eyelets shape of a sneaker

4 corners representing each founding member


Resembles Celtic knot for 'Sisterhood'

X shape for XX (Female Chromosomes)

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