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Zero Waste Solutions


Jul. 2021



Oxford, UK


Zero was set up in 2021 in response to our growing commitment to environmental concerns. In recent years we’ve invested in state-of-the-art recycling and processing technology to minimise the amount of waste that goes to landfill. Additionally, our entire van collection fleet is electric.

As part of our green promise, we are working on numerous innovative projects including energy initiatives that contribute to a circular economy and new recycling opportunities with charities.


We are looking for a logo and full branding suite that subtly helps to get our message across whilst looking modern and not cheesy. We will require many assets such as animated graphics, illustrated waste, waste mockups and maps - to be used across our social media and website as well as the design of a full fleet of electric vans and cars.


We have taken the navy blue from the original M&M Blue colour as this is a sister company of the M&M Waste Solutions brand and so helps to keep connection. We have added in the new Zero blue as typically electric energy appears blue and this feels like an appropirate choice to fit in with the electric vehicles but also it is a bright, eye-catching colour that will help the brand to stand out and be seen. With regards to colour theory, blue represents stablity and reliability which feel like key words that the Zero brand will align with.


Initial Concept

Like the plug idea to represent the chargable vehicles


Clean, Simple Zero font

'Z' shape needs refining


The plugs need a little more detail and tidying up

Really like the idea of a single unit made up of charging cables


Font needs balancing with the icon


Great connection of icon and lettering


Continual circle cementing the recycling side of the brand

 Modern and clean font

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