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Zaza & Cruz


Apr. 2021



Scottish Highlands


Zaza & Cruz is a premium and luxury skincare made with natural plant based oils and innovative ingredients. Our skincare is designed by makeup artist Rebecca Hastings with each product specially formulated for each ingredient to work together to bring you healthy and glowing skin. Our Candles are made for you to take time for self care and relaxation;  bringing the Zaza & Cruz experience to your home.

We have decided to update our existing branding in order to lift the brand, to become more recognised within the beauty world and to have a more professional look. We want the new identity to feel sophisticated and elegant as well as modern and stylish. Despite being a natural brand we don't want the stereotypical, whimsical look and want natural skincare simply to be seen as skincare.

Asset 9.png

The colour palette albeit very stylish, elegant and sophisticated really captures the natural product that Zaza & Cruz prides itself on by using a gradient that emulates a tortoise shell pattern and earthy colours. This is very bold and unique within the beauty and wellness industry and will enable you to stand out whilst looking very professional and luxurious. These colours and patterns when used in this way are modern but have a traditional vibe therefore proving it would withstand the test of time.

Asset 9.png

Old Logo

Really basic font and colour system


Has a classy vibe but needs developing

Doesn't capture the brand values

Initial Concept

Wants cleaner lines with a more modern feel


Gives the sophisticated look but needs developing

Doesn't want a large & as it distracts from the name

Final Logo

Logo that is able to be used across digital and print


Has a very professional and elegant look

It's bold and clean to read

Asset 9.png
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