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Strength Chef


Jan. 2021



Witney, Oxford, UK


Taboo is a new, innovative mental health social media app to help those with existing mental health conditions and those who wish to maintain a healthy mental state. Track, announce, celebrate and chat. Break the Taboo.

We noticed that there was a severe gap in the market for an instant chat style app focused on mental health. That's where Taboo comes in, by combining tried and tested features such as mood tracking and trigger warnings this helps users to build their mental health picture and ensure they get the right support instantly in a way that resonates with the social media age.


We are looking for a logo and full branding suite that aligns our views, objective and target audience as well as a full app interface design that focus' on our key features and is usable.


The colours selected were done to not only stand out amongst competitors who mostly opt for a blue or green colouring but to help cement the calming, serene, compassionate, soothing and inspirational environment that the Taboo app seeks to provide. The orange will be used on the app to highlight certain pointsand adds an optimistic warmth to the brand along with a lime green colour used to signal when users are online as this is a recognised colour with regards with that sort of feature. 


Old Logo

Doesn't represent the business well

Doesn't stand out from others and very basic looking

Doesn't function as a logo in terms of useage


Old Rebrand

More representitive of the business but too generic

Better shape for useage but quite cluttered


New Rebrand

Feminine script text


Logo that is able to be reworked and used across everything

Added pop of colour

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