Harri May Flowers came to Little Pixel Creative wanting a logo design and branding after using an image as their logo since 2015. The business is now expanding with new ventures on the the horizon and an appropriate logo design and brand identity is essential to that continued growth and expansion.

After answering our set of design questions we had a clear vision of where to take this new logo and how to bring the brand identity together.

 We have kept the hydrangea’s from the existing image but have slightly tweaked them and redrawn them using procreate on the iPad. The idea of a hand drawn icon was to cement the 3 key words the client wants customers to use to describe them, beautiful, unique and personal. Using a hand drawn detail really give this design a personal touch. 


The font used in this design was chosen due to its modern take on a classic serif typeface. Even more fitting that it’s called Branch.

The colours replicate that of the old identity and the colour of lilac hydrangeas but have been slightly adjusted to give it a more modern palette. This new identity system is current yet classic, strong and simplistic and looks great on all the required physical elements.

As always the logo came in several lockups and with colour variations. These were supplied to the client in various file types so there really is no stone left unturned. We have also designed and supplyed business cards, flyers, shop signage, stickers and aprons to conincide with the shop opening. The designs for these elements were sent in a 'Print Proof' document that was approved before sending everything to print.